UPDATE: Results are posted here

UPDATE #2: All scoresheets for the Cherry Blossom Competition have now been sent out. If you did not receive yours, or are missing any of them, please notify the organizer via the contact form on the competition website.

This is our 4th year conducting the Cherry Blossom Homebrew Competition, and this one will be better than ever! Just like last year, the entry limit is 300, and the entries per entrant is 3. The judging will occur on Mar 25, and prizes and medals will be presented at the April meeting.


Wouldn’t you want to win one of these?


Speaking of prizes, we have a very special Best of Show prize once again this year:

The Best in Show Award winner will receive an opportunity to be one of the first individuals to participate in the Portner Brewhouse Craft Beer Test Kitchen® program. As part of this innovative approach to collaborative experience and feedback, the recipient will work directly with the Portner Brewhouse Brewmaster to scale their original winning recipe at the Alexandria, VA brewpub. Portner Brewhouse will host a public launch party for the winner who may invite up to 50 friends and family members. The beer will be available for at least one month! The Portner Brewhouse team will collect customer feedback and sales data from its patrons and compile the information into a Recipe Report Card provided to the winner. Brew – Enjoy – Learn

If the Best of Show Winner is unable or unwilling to accept this prize, a substitute will be provided, and the Test Kitchen prize will be awarded to the next prize winner in line willing and able to accept it.

This prize is not available if the winner is a sour/wild yeast beer. In that case, a substitution will be made at the discretion of the competition organizers in consult with Portner Brewing.

Portner Brewhouse And Test Beer Kitchen

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