Join us for our March/St. Patrick’s meeting!

WHEN: Thursday, 14 March 2024, at 6:30 PM

WHERE: metrobar, 640 Rhode Island Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002(super Metro accessible from Rhode Island Ave–Brentwood Metro Station [Red Line])

THEME: It’s March, so that means St. Patrick’s Day! This is also our annual in-club Irish and UK beers competition, so bring us your frothy stouts, porters, reds, browns, milds, and bitters! Remember to wear green, or someone will make you drink a diacetyl bomb (I think that’s how it works).

DETAILS: This is our first time at metrobar. They invited us to have out meeting there, and we just could not say no. They will have us in their enclosed area behind the metro car, so no matter rain ☔rain or ☀ , hot or cold, we will be covered. They normally have a food truck, though that has not been announced yet.


First meeting? Welcome! Our meetings are open to brewers of all experience levels. At a bar/restaurant they typically go like this: Please buy a beer and, if you’re hungry, some food from our hosts for the first 30 minutes or so of the meeting until we make announcements, and then we’ll open up the homebrews. Please do not bring in outside commercial beer and please tip your servers. Most people bring anywhere from two bottles to a growler of homebrew to the meetings.

Even if you don’t have beer that’s ready to bring this time, you’re welcome to come.

Once homebrew tasting is open, it’s pretty casual — just meet and greet and sip. If you have specific questions about brewing or about your beer, just ask! Members are glad to give feedback and suggestions. We have many BJCP judges among the membership if you’re looking for a critical evaluation as well.

Walking around the meeting with your bottle and offering pours is a great way to meet other members and get feedback on your beer. Be honest but be kind. Constructive feedback is always appreciated.

Each month our meetings follow a theme and usually have a competition. Members are not required to bring only this type of beer, but it is fun to have a bit of a guideline and we try to tie our educational component to the theme.

January*: High Gravity (and our Anniversary beer!)
JamBEERee (no theme, a group meeting with local homebrew clubs)
March*: UK/Irish
April: Spring cleaning
May: Lagers/Maibocks
June*: Irresponsibly hopped beers
July: Sours
August: Lawnmower beers
September*: Oktoberfest/German beers
October: Autumn/Harvest beers
November/December: Spiced beers/Winter warmers

*Month with an asterisk indicates an in-club competition for that theme during the meeting (e.g., Oktoberfest/German beers would be any German style and High Gravity would be high OG/ABV beers).