Club Officers

  • President: Sara Bondioli (email)
  • Vice-President: Jeanne Burns (email)
  • Treasurer/Secretary: Madeline Marshall (email)

The Cabinet:

  • Events Committee Chairman: Dan Gudenius (email)

Ryan Alverson
Bill Jusino

  • Education Committee Chairman: Mark Niciu (email)

Bob Rouse
Pete Jones
Ethan Katz
John Lutz
John Snyder
Mike Stein

  • Competitions Committee Chairman: Bob Rouse (email)

Pete Jones
Brian Haroldson

  • HOPS Committee Chairman: Jeanne Burns (email)

Sara Adams
Catherine Portner
Madeline Marshall
Margie Noonan

  • Food Committee Chairman: Raine Koch (email)

Sara Bondioli
Bob Rouse


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