Club Presidential Candidates Statements

Here are the statements from the two candidates for the 2015 club Presidential elections, in alphabetical order:

Dan Gudenius

In my time as a DC Homebrewer I’ve been able to learn, make new friends, and enjoy great beer-centric experiences. My vision for the club is to continue all of the great activities and traditions that we have established, while also giving even more chances for members to brew and drink great beer.

Education – I think that helping every member brew better beer should be the club’s top goal. My top focus to achieve this would be to increase the number of instructional talks and demonstrations at the beginning of meetings with topics ranging from beer styles and histories, to ingredients and recipe creation, to brewing equipment and processes. Giving brewers a chance to not only hear about, but also see or taste what is being described during each presentation can make them more engaging and more educational.

Additional Social Events – While I think we do a good job of meeting people and sharing stories in the meetings and the Facebook group, we can do even more. I would like to see us add additional events outside of the meeting including happy hours, meetups/carpools for beer fests, and brewery tours/trips.

Collaborations – What’s more popular in the craft beer scene than the collaboration beers made by multiple brewers? My idea for doing this on a club level is to randomly assign partners or small groups for those who want to collaborate with others. The assigned partners would then get together to brew beers, alternating whose system they use each time over the course of a few months. These collab pairings would give experienced brewers a chance to teach beginners and give the collaborators exposure to vastly different brew systems than they are used to.

Charity Event – Similar to the Three Rivers United Brewing homebrew club’s Brewing Up a Cure event in Pittsburgh, I would love to have a large charity event where brewers are able to bring their beers and serve to a paying audience where the proceeds go to charity. This sort of event would be great for both our club members and the DC community. While the club does already do some charitable activities, it would be great to introduce another opportunity to give back.

Club Recipes – It would be great if we did more to design and share recipes as a club. One way to do this would be to have a recipe competition where members submit recipe ideas, then the club votes for one for all the members to brew and then we have a meeting where everyone brings that beer and we evaluate the differences that come from each person’s unique system and slight variations in ingredients. I would also like to see us utilize Brewtoad and other resources to post competition winning or other notable club brewed recipes.

In closing, I want to continue our great traditions and add new ones so that we can all continue to learn, socialize, and enjoy a wide range of beer-centric experiences. With your help I’m confident that I can make DC Homebrewers an even better organization.

Sam Wineka

As the DC area’s residents are unique, so is our club. Among the bevy of talented and knowledgeable brewers, we also have plenty of newcomers and first-timers who come to learn more about the craft and improve their skills. I have been coming to DCHB meetings since February of 2009. Back then, it was a small group that met in the same guy’s apartment every month, but the welcoming attitude I experienced just kept bringing me back to see what else I could find out about a hobby that was pretty new to me. Now we have hundreds on our e-mail list, and we pack entire floors of bars.

The DCHB way worked for me, as I have seen my beers steadily and continually improve, and I want to ensure that it continues to work for you. For the past three years or so as the Events Chair, I’ve been in charge of securing a venue for our monthly meetings and organizing other spot events. My new job, should I be elected, will be to keep this machine running and make sure it’s fun for everyone involved.

In addition to maintaining club traditions like the Cherry Blossom Competition, anniversary brew, the high-gravity meeting early in the year, the Jam-BEER-ree and the irresponsibly-hopped beers meeting, I have three priorities I would pursue as president:

1. Increase the opportunities to learn and hang out with fellow brewers. I like seeing you guys. We should hang out more often! I’d like to increase the amount of opportunities we have to get together through more club events. We currently have about 15 per year, and I’d like to get that up to 20.

2. Organize a sweet booth for DCHB at Club Night at the 2016 National Homebrew Conference. The NHC will be on the East Coast again in 2016, and for those of you that haven’t attended before, Club Night is the showcase event. Clubs from around the country pour their beers in a festival-like environment. As a large and growing club, I’d love for us to have a great presence at next year’s conference, and I will begin organizing that once we know the host city.

3. Lastly, this is your club, and I want everyone who wants to be involved to be able to contribute. Part of my platform will be to recruit some of you to take part in the planning process for events and coming up with ideas for homebrew experiments that we can use to learn more about this hobby of ours. As the first step in this, I’d like to submit a proposal to the AHA’s Research and Education Fund in the hopes of getting our experiment funded and published in Zymurgy.

In closing, I have the club to thank for improving the quality of my beers drastically over the past six years or so, and I want to ensure that all new members get that same opportunity and value going forward. You all make some good beer and have cool ideas, and I would be honored to serve as president.

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